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KinectMeasurements - obliczaj kąty i mierz odległości między częściami ciała.

Idea dodana przez Tomasz Kowalczyk 2014-03-31 09:59:47

Set of tools and extension methods to measure skeletons. To use with Kinect for Windows SDK, written in C#.

This tools help you to measure:

- distance to the skeleton,
- distance to the specific joint,
- distance between two joints,
- angles between joints.

This library could be very usefull when you are going to write application for:
- monitoring your physical exercises,
- virtual dressing room,
- 3D avateering.

Using Kinect for Windows. If you have to calculate angles between for example right leg and right hand this lib is for you. It is based on linear algebra and vectors.

Link do projektu: https://github.com/tkowalczyk/KinectMeasurements

Tagi: kinect, math

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