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KinSector - Monitoruj pomieszczenie z Kinect dla Windows

Idea dodana przez Tomasz Kowalczyk 2014-03-31 08:52:51

This project use Kinect for Windows SDK with T-Mobile OpenAPI.

KinSector has three great features and it could be used as a part of home automation systems. It shows how to integrate Kinect device and features from mobile operator to increase security in your home.

1) KinSector sends a MMS when some skeleton is being tracked in the room. It take a photo of the person, perform a message and send it to your mobile phone.

2) KinSector sends a SMS when someone puts his hands above head in the room.

3) KinSector sends a SMS when someone said one of the previous defined word in dictionary for example: help

Link do projektu: https://github.com/tkowalczyk/KinSector

Tagi: kinect, api, t-mobile, home automation, security, monitoring

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